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Born in Helsinki, the northern capital of cold and cool, Boy With Strings is the musical alter ego of Ville Laaksonen. His powerful and emotional vocals are combined with looped violins, string orchestra, subtle beats and warm ambient synths. His story is a musical fantasy written in the form of ear-catching pop songs, chasing after moments that were not, spaces between memories.

The debut album 'Spaces Between Memories' is out now and available on all the major digital outlets and also as an exclusive CD on Bandcamp. A special tea blend was created for the album, also available on Bandcamp.

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  • Why do I feel the need to embark on this journey to the unknown? Is it the growing light or the irresistible rush of spring that I hear from behind me? Suddenly, turning around, I see an adventure before me. Even though my clothes and hair are already dripping from the rain, I decide to pass the bus stop, smiling as I walk on. The unmapped territories I never even knew existed are drawing nearer and nearer.

  • The rain has stopped now, but I'm still walking. Light steps walk along my own. Who is this strange companion? I feel like I have known him once, long ago. Looking into the young man's eyes, so familiar, I am struck with envy. He just smiles at me - a sad, uncertain smile full of hope and infinite wisdom. We come upon a door. I walk through it but he stays behind. He’s standing on the doorstep and I see that he can never cross it - for when he does he becomes someone else.

  • Leaving him behind I realize how different we have become, him and I. In a bittersweet dance his dreams flutter around me like butterflies. It seems like a fairy tale but I know better. In the corner of my eye I can see them falling already. They live such short and precious lives that I can't stop to mourn for them for long. I must continue my journey. The path is clear - ahead of me I see new flamboyant insects, new fantasies, waiting for me.

  • I was so certain of my way, but now clouds of doubt gather to darken the day. In the twilight I see a mirror blocking my path. To go forward I must face it, but I am afraid. Slowly creeping closer I begin to see the twisted outlines. Is this some trickery of my own eyes, or witchcraft cast on me by someone I let too close? I thought I had stayed true to myself but now I see that I left out the errors from my image. Now they are staring back at me, fascinating and terrifying. Did I become a stranger to myself in my quest to be loved by others? I must break this enchantment.

  • In my escape I smash the mirror. It shatters, revealing a scene so familiar and yet so new. A masquerade is taking place around me every day. Everyone I know is there. They don't have just one costume but many and they keep changing them again and again. I try to join in the fun, play the games of identity, but soon I grow weary. I have played these roles for so long and I will again. I long to take off my masks, all of them, just for a while. When the bell strikes midnight, I flee the ball.

  • I close the door behind me in a sigh of relief. The day has left me with a restlessness that I can't shake off. I lay in bed while outside my window the night sets in, in all its shimmering glory. The world is out there, buzzing and alive. It's waiting for me, calling me. I know I must venture into it and show myself in the face of adventure. I have to sing to it the songs that are mine.

  • I must have dozed off. The strangest dream washes over me as I sleep. The paths that I could have taken, the people I could have loved, they all stand before me here. The truth about who I am lies hidden somewhere in this house. These choices have created me. Is it regret that they serve, my dreams that brought me back here? Who would I be if I had chosen different doors?

  • I wake up from the nightmare, suddenly uncertain about the path of my future. I am overcome by a crippling fear that I cannot explain. In the calm of night I can see a lover sleeping peacefully next to me, but my peace is gone. Time around me is ticking away, I think I can almost hear it. My future is forming somewhere, even at this very moment. Do I have a say in it? I only wish I could sleep - the sleep of a child or an angel.

  • Descending deeper into the delirium of the early hours I am no longer aware of whether or not I'm awake. There is a great loneliness engulfing me, showing me a world that seems to make no sense. Everything familiar has become strange. I cannot understand what I see in this maze, but there is a voice leading me deeper. Is it my own? Maybe I am dreaming. Or maybe I am getting closer to the core.

  • Suddenly, in the midst of my madness those empty territories that I have searched open in front of me. I know now that they once belonged to my memories. They do not define me anymore: those spaces with their inhabitants long gone, consigned to oblivion. I realize that I can wipe them off my maps, create my atlas anew to this dawning day. What I have chosen to take with me from the past is what I have. There is nothing else. I am nothing else.

  • Silently I pray to anyone who listens, to myself:
    I shall find my way.
    I shall find my way trough twisted hopes,
    through the choices I have made,
    through scars,
    through memories and the spaces between them.
    I shall change and yet remain myself.
    A dawning light
    shall illuminate my path.
    Let me learn to know my way.

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Photos by Saana Wang. All rights reserved.

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